They were very trustworthy, and they did a great job. They were right on the money, and the customer service was outstanding.

Jeff E.

They are very customer oriented, friendly, responsive, and do a thorough job. The consistency and quality of their work.


They’re the best carpet cleaners that I’ve used.

The carpet really looks so clean and they didn’t use chemicals to do it. They gave me really good information.

Liz P.

They are excellent. I tried several different companies before them, but they were all awful. Dave is the best. He got my carpet perfectly clean. He also gave me great advice and told me about putting carpet over carpet and how certain fabrics don’t breath. Plus, he gave me a spot remover that is more green and environmentally friendly.

Carmen N.

Their quality of service is impeccable and consistent each time they come back. Their professionalism, as well as how they manage their time and the scheduling

Rachel B.